Shakespeare Happy Hours livestreamed Cymbeline at 5pm EST (10pm BST) on Friday, April 3, 2020. Watch the full video below!

The cast includes:

1st Gentleman, Lord 2, Musicians, 2nd British Captain: Joel Iwasciewicz
2nd Gentleman, Lord 1, Musician, 1st British Captain: Harry Waller
Queen: Kathy Somssich
Posthumous Leonatus: Chinaza Uche
Imogen : Danielle Nigro
Cymbeline: Jimmy Sears
Pisanio: Laura Piccoli
Cloten: Doug Sharf
Philario: Anjili Pal
Iachimo: Dan Beaulieu
Frenchman: Casterline Villar
Cornelius: Josh Innerst
Caius Lucius: Drew Broussard
Belarius: Colin Hurley
Guiderius: Alex Hernandez
Arviragus: Jason Armani Martinez
Captain/Gaoler: Dhruv Iyengar
British Lord/Soothsayer: Celeste Perez
Messenger: Montgomery Sutton

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